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All prices are quoted in pounds Sterling.  The prices apply at the time of printing and may change before you make your booking.  We will be able to confirm your holiday price before you complete the booking. The prices supplied with this information relate to the self-catering accommodation and kiddy comfort packages only.  It is your responsibility to arrange flights, travel insurance and transfers. Transfers can be requested at a cost of 25 euros per round trip, but requirements will need to be discussed as only can cater for up to four.  We also need to confirm availability, one-month prior to travel, as service has been affected in the past by law restrictions allowing only taxis to provide transfers.  Otherwise a taxi transfer from the airport to the property costs approximately 10 euros per trip.  

The £100 holding deposit, which is required with your booking form in order to secure your booking, is non-refundable.   We try to accommodate requests for the preferred option of garden / second living area for the 3 bedroom houses.  However, this is not always possible, but you will be notified of availability at time of booking if requested.   

Only those included on the booking form are allowed to stay in the property.  Please notify us of any changes prior to your arrival at the accommodation, as more people in the party than expected, is likely to result in refusal of entry to the house.  

In case of cancellation after the booking has been accepted, there will be charges reflecting our estimated loss as a result of dealing with the booking to the point of cancellation, and any other losses we may have to pay.  These charges are on a scale as shown below:
Over 31 days - 100% deposit
25 - 30 days  - 100% deposit plus 50% of total booking
15 - 24 days - 100% deposit plus 70% of total booking
8 - 14 days - 100% deposit plus 90% of total booking
0 - 7 days - 100% deposit plus 100% of total booking  

It may be possible to make a claim under your travel insurance policy if your cancellation falls within the conditions of the policy.
We do not have fixed arrival /departure times, and we will try to allow for the requested times written on the booking form, but this is not always possible if you are arriving / departing on a changeover day.  You can request this information before your arrival.  On changeover days: if you are departing, you must vacate the property by 10 am; if you are arriving you will not be able to enter the property until 2 pm.  However, for both departure and arrivals, arrangements can be made for your luggage with Darren and Janet (they will meet you on your arrival).

The key deposit of £150.00 must be received no later than 30 days prior to your arrival at the property.  Access to the property is conditional upon receipt of this deposit. This amount is refundable, subject to satisfactory inspection of the property upon departure, and will be released two weeks after departure.  Due to disputes re: damage to our baby / toddler items, we ask guests to please check the equipment on arrival at the property and inform Darren and Janet of any damage they find.  Darren and Janet do check the baby and toddler items and you should find them to be of a good standard on your arrival.

Our air conditioning units (2/3 bedroom accommodation only) work via remote control (which we were informed at the time of installment, cost £100 to replace) and these will be checked before and after each guest.  Therefore, loss or damage to these remotes will result in a £100 deduction from the key deposit.

Lock outs - When renting this property, if you lock yourselves out or lose the key and have to call the managers to get access back into the property, the charge for the call-out and any subsequent charges ie. locksmiths, change of locks etc, will be your responsibility.  Wherever possible, our managers will provide you with a copy of their invoice for the call-out, itemising their charges, this will be sent to us and the charge will be deducted from your security deposit.

The complex, on which you will be staying, is combined residential and holiday rental.  It is a family environment and it is necessary for those renting the houses to respect this.  There are certain rules that are in place by the residents committee, to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents and guests, and you will find a copy of these at the property in which you will be staying. Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate your stay immediately, should the behaviour of any member of the party be deemed to be causing danger to others on the complex.

Please ensure the necessary travel insurance is in place, as we will not be held liable for any damage to possessions or persons during your stay in our accommodation.

Although we have tried to make the accommodation as safe as possible for children, based on our own expectations as parents, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the children in your care.